Question: Can A Satellite Dish Be Used As A TV Antenna UK?

Here is more information on using satellite dish to feed multiple TV’s.

There of course the fact that all new digital TV’s in the UK and Ireland come with a digital TV tuner for a TV aerial to be connected direct.

If you do not have a digital TV then all that’s required is an inexpensive Freeview box.

Can a satellite dish be used as a TV antenna?

A: Unfortunately, no. The satellite dish is not the correct shape, and has special electronics that make it not usable for receiving free broadcast TV. However, you can still use the coax cabling from the dish to your TV if you want to install a broadcast TV antenna where your dish was.

Can I use Sky dish as aerial?

You only get freesat from Sky from a Sky dish, you can’t use it like an aerial. If your TV has a satellite input then it’ll work but it’ll be a different connection.

Do you need a TV aerial if you have a satellite dish?

Freeview is a terrestrial TV service that is received via a TV aerial and is not compatible with a satellite dish. You will however usually be able to receive Free TV via a satellite dish.

Can I get Freeview through a satellite dish?

Can I get Freeview through my satellite dish? Freeview is only available through an aerial (for the digitally minded, it’s digital terrestrial television system). If you are struggling with your Freeview coverage, free to view channels are available through a satellite service provider: Freesat from the BBC & ITV.