Can I Cancel Sky If I Move House?

Sky doesn’t allow new customer deals unless the former customer has left for a year or more.

Alternatively get them to move your services and then cancel.

Moving services to another address starts a new 12 month minimum term, I believe.

Do I have to pay sky if I move house?

Only the cost of the home move visit is free. You will need to pay for any extra equipment you may need to set up the Sky TV services in your new home. 7. If you are upgrading as part of your home move, you will need to pay for any extra equipment which is part of the upgrade.

Can I cancel sky if moving house?

If you sit in this camp of Sky customers the good news is you can switch to a better deal without penalty. If are are cancelling you will need to give a minimum 31 days’ notice to end a Sky TV service while for Broadband and Sky Talk it’s 14 days. Sky Talk and Broadband customers can leave without penalty.

How long does it take Sky to move house?

Moving home with Sky

How long does it take?: Sky needs at least two weeks’ notice, but you can book your move up to 90 days in advance. They’ll give you an installation date, and, provided everything else is sorted out, you should be online from that point.

Can you cancel sky early?

Early termination charges

For most Sky products, the minimum contract period is 12 or 18 months, unless otherwise stated. If you stop receiving or cancel a Sky service before your contract ends (minimum term), you might have to pay an early termination charge.