Question: Can I Record Programmes On Sky Freesat?

If you have two cables from your satellite dish to your Freesat Smart TV Recorder, you’ll be able to watch one channel while recording another, or record two programmes at the same time.

Can you still use your Sky box to record without subscription?

I have a Sky+ box that is only used for recording. When you cancel your subscription your Sky+ box will still work and using your now deactivated viewing card you will still be able to receive a handful of unencrypted free-to-view (FTV) channels, including BBC1, 2, ITV1, C4 and C5.

How do you record on Sky?

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How to record with the MY SKY service | SKY TV – YouTube


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How do I record one channel and watch another?

In fact, you can even record the show you watch at the same time the DVR is recording your other show.

  • Press “Menu” and then “Smart search” on the remote.
  • Change the channel to the show you wish to watch.
  • Push the “Record” button on the remote to record the show you are watching.

Can I record TV without sky?

If you want to record you will need a Freeview/Freesat/Youview PVR box. Once you cancel your Sky subscription you won’t be able to use you Sky box to record. You have to pay Sky for that functionality.