Quick Answer: Can I Use My Sky Box If I Cancel My Subscription?

When you cancel your subscription your Sky+ box will still work and using your now deactivated viewing card you will still be able to receive a handful of unencrypted free-to-view (FTV) channels, including BBC1, 2, ITV1, C4 and C5.

Do you have to return sky box when you cancel?

If you’re leaving Sky Q, changing your subscription, or need a new box, you’ll need to return the equipment you leased from us when you first joined Sky Q. If you don’t return this equipment within the time frame given, you’ll have to pay a Non-Return charge. Sky Q Hub. Sky Broadband Booster.

Will Sky Box record without subscription?

Sky boxes can now record without a sky channel subscription, previously £120 a year just enable recording.

How do I cancel my Sky subscription?


  • Call the Sky contact centre. The most direct way to cancel your Sky subscription is to call up Sky’s customer contact centre.
  • Get through to a representative.
  • Ask to cancel your account.
  • See out the notice period.
  • Return the equipment.

What is the best alternative to Sky?

Cheaper Alternatives to Sky TV: Ditch That Expensive Subscription

  1. Freeview.
  2. Freesat.
  3. Netflix.
  4. Amazon Prime.
  5. NOW TV.
  6. TVPlayer.
  7. DisneyLife and Disney+
  8. Google Chromecast.