Quick Answer: Can You Buy A Cable Box?

Most people have more than one TV, so they rent more than one cable box.

If your cable box also includes a video recorder (DVR), you’re paying even more.

At sites like Cableboxandmodem.com, you can buy your own replacement cable box for $120, which pays for itself in 16 months.

Or a combination cable box/DVR for $200.

Can you buy your own XFinity cable box?

Cable operators purchase TV Boxes from TV Box manufacturers that they then rent to their customers. If an On-Screen Guide is available in your location and is compatible with the TV Box you purchased, Comcast will make that On-Screen Guide available for download, free of charge.

Can you buy cable boxes for Spectrum?

A CableCARD installed into a compatible device that allows access to Spectrum TV services. This means you don’t need to lease a Spectrum Receiver (cable box). CableCARDs are wire-free so your TV stand will be free from the mess that cables and cords create.

Can I have cable without a box?

Most cable service providers offer the option of receiving cable television without a digital cable box, which saves the customer from paying equipment-leasing fees. However, cable customers who subscribe to service without a cable box will not receive scrambled digital cable channels and other digital cable services.

Can I buy set top box from market?

User is now free to either rent the set-top Box from DTH service providers or buy one from the open market. It shall be permissible for every subscriber to buy a set top box of approved quality from the open market, if available, which is technically compatible with the system of the distributor of television channels.