Quick Answer: Can You Get Freeview Without An Aerial?

Freeview Live TV can now be streamed without the need for an antenna.

This Freeview streaming device provides Kiwis access to Freeview without the need for an antenna, as well as apps such as Netflix, Lightbox, Stuff Pix, YouTube and more on Google Play.

Can I get Freeview TV without an aerial?

Freeview is a service that delivers live TV via a TV aerial and is not yet currently available over the internet. The same is true for Freesat TV’s without a satellite dish connected. The live TV function would not work. What you will be able to do is to watch catch up TV or TV on demand.

Do you need an aerial for a TV with built in Freeview?

Yes. You need an aerial to receive Freeview. If your TV has been made after 2010, then there’s a good chance your TV already has Freeview built-in. If your TV has Freeview built-in, you need an aerial in good condition to pick up the Freeview signal.

How can I watch TV without an aerial?

Satellite TV

The obvious alternative to watching not trough a aerial is to watch it through a satellite dish instead. To watch satellite TV you will need a satellite dish and a satellite receiver, this is usually a satellite set top box but many TV’s have in built satellite tuners.

Will a set top box work without an aerial?

It depends. such as some satellite set top box do need antennae. while cable set top box do not need.

Can I get Freeview through WIFI?

With Freeview Play, you can enjoy the biggest shows, live and on demand, all together in one place and all for free. Just make sure your Freeview Play TV, recorder or box is connected to the internet and you’re good to go.

Can I get TV channels without an antenna?

No, you will not pick up any stations without an aerial. Since it is a smart TV it should have internet TV services built in. Such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, just to name some. So, you will not need an aerial, unless you want to watch live TV in your area.

How do I set up Freeview aerial?

Plug your aerial lead into the circular aerial socket at the back of your Freeview box. This is often marked ‘aerial in’, ‘aerial’, ‘RF in’ or ‘antenna’ Plug your SCART or HDMI cable into the respective sockets in your TV. Plug the other end of your lead into the socket named either AV1 (for SCART) or HDMI 1 (for HDMI)

Do smart TVs need an aerial for Freeview?

If you wish to receive Freeview through your smart TV, you will also need an aerial to do so. However, since you have a smart television it should have internet TV services such as Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer and more built in. You don’t require an aerial to watch these services.

Which TV aerial is best for Freeview?

Best Outdoor Digital TV Aerial for Freeview

  • OPTIMA L20F Compact Wideband 20 Element Log-Periodic TV Aerial.
  • SLx Outdoor Digital TV Aerial Kit.

Can I watch Freeview without a TV aerial?

You can only get Freeview via an aerial, and usually a rooftop one is required. It’a a terrestial service. You can’t get any Freeview channels via a Sky box. What you will get without a sub are the Sky non-sub channels (Freesat From Sky).

Are indoor TV aerials any good?

But with innovative designs and materials, indoor aerials are effective, and can even be a little bit stylish. You can get a good range of Freeview digital channels – and even the more challenging HD channels – and there’s no need to climb up a ladder (or pay a professional to do it for you).

How do I tune my TV into built in Freeview?

How do I set up Freeview?

  1. Connect your antenna cable to the TV.
  2. Power the TV on (making sure it’s plugged into the wall socket).
  3. Tune in the channels. Different brands have different menus for tuning, but usually you can find this in the Menu or Settings.
  4. You should now have all the 20 or more TV and radio stations available to you.