Quick Answer: Can You Listen To Sirius Online Free?

Use your Sirius satellite radio subscription to listen to a low-quality stream online for free.

You can access all 80-plus channels of Sirius radio online in a 32-Kbps stream as long as you have a monthly radio subscription.

Does it cost extra to listen to Sirius online?

The application is FREE, and streaming to your mobile device is included in the cost of your SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription. You can also sample great SiriusXM content with a FREE Trial. Visit siriusxm.com/mobile for more details.

Is Sirius Radio Free right now?

Your Sirius XM Radio Is Working For Free Right Now. Your new (or newish!) car might have come equipped with a Sirius XM radio, but if you’re like me you weren’t about to cough up ten bucks a month to keep it running so that button’s just been dead, taunting you. Well it works again, for free, ’til June 2015!

Can I listen to Sirius at home?

It’s easy to listen to SiriusXM on your home entertainment system. You can stream SiriusXM on a wide variety of home and custom audio systems. Listen to over 200 channels right on the devices you may already own. Streaming is included with your All Access trial or paid subscription.

Can I listen to Sirius on Google home?

Yes! You can stream SiriusXM to several different Google Home and Chromecast devices. Supported devices include: Google Home (standard, Hub, Mini and Max)