Quick Answer: Can You Watch Freeview On A Smart TV?

Our own Smart TV service, Freeview Play, allows you to catch up on demand directly from your TV Guide.

This is available in all the latest Panasonic TVs and most LG TVs from September 2016.

To access any Smart services (including Freeview Play) you will need a home broadband connection (over 2Mbps).

Can you watch Freeview on a smart TV without an aerial?

No, you will not pick up any stations without an aerial. Since it is a smart TV it should have internet TV services built in. Such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, just to name some. So, you will not need an aerial, unless you want to watch live TV in your area.

Can I get Freeview through WIFI?

Nope – the ONLY way to receive Freeview is through an aerial. You can also view broadcast TV through cable (Virgin) or satellite (Sky, Freesat, free satellite) and some channels will stream over the internet (BBC1 & 2 – most programmes) but it’s no replacement for ‘free broadcast TV’ that you’re looking for.

Can I get Freeview on my Samsung Smart TV?

Most Freeview HD TVs are now Smart enabled, so in addition to 12 great HD channels and up to 60 standard channels* you can now have lots more entertainment at your fingertips. Check out the latest Smart TV ranges from the leading manufacturers: Samsung. Panasonic.