Quick Answer: Do I Need 4k Pass Through?

Unfortunately, you might need a new AV receiver.

Most older receivers, even ones with HDMI, won’t pass a 4K signal.

If the soundbar isn’t HDMI 2.0, it won’t pass 4K either.

The other option is to buy a 4K-compatible receiver.

Is 4k pass through necessary?

A receiver, in order to pass 4K, will need several things. It’s the next generation copy protection scheme and it’s required by the FMP-X10, and presumably by 4K Blu-ray players, to pass 4K video via HDMI. Many receivers last year had HDMI 2.0, but didn’t have HDCP 2.2.

Do I need 4k pass through on soundbar?

In short, no sound bars do not need to be 4K compatible. Sound bars are designed to output audio, they can receive the audio signal from the TV. There are sound bars that accept video signals via a pass through. Soundbars to not manipulate video signals themselves.

Will 4k pass through my receiver?

4K-compatible audio receivers.

Some receivers allow 4K audio pass-through but do not have HDCP 2.2 technology or HDMI 2.0 ports. In this case, only the audio from your content source can be routed through the receiver and you must connect the video directly to the 4K Ultra HD TV.

What’s 4k pass through?

The 4K pass-through feature is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2-compatible and allows data to pass through the system without quality loss. The AV receiver with the 4K pass-through feature sends 4K signals from video devices to a 4K TV or 4K projector while maintaining the 4K resolution.