Do I Need A Sky Viewing Card To Watch Freesat?

Does Sky Freesat need a viewing card?

Order Freesat from Sky

All you need is a viewing card for a one-off payment of £25.

Freesat from Sky is an easy way of getting digital satellite television for a simple one-off payment of £254†.

You’ll get a SkyHD box to watch Freesat from Sky – which will be professionally installed – and it’s yours to keep.

How do I get Sky Freesat?

To get Freesat from Sky, call 08442 410 595, or go to Answers to your Sky Freesat questions: The dish and box are yours to keep. If you have an old Sky box and a satellite dish, you can get Freesat by buying a Freesat card from Sky.

Can I record Freesat on my Sky box?

If you don’t ,buy a Humax Freesat recorder, which is a straight swap for your Sky box. Or you can continue to view all the free-to-air channels on the Sky box, but you won’t be able to record, or play back existing recordings, which are encrypted. Freeview is a terrestial service, Freesat is a satellite service.

Can I use my Sky dish to get Freesat?

You Can Use An Old Sky Box For Freesat? If you don’t want to purchase a new Freesat box you could use an old Sky box to connect your satellite dish to your TV for free satellite services.