Quick Answer: Does Dish Network Have A Christmas Music Channel?

The Channels are available to customers in free access and may be enjoyed by any DISH Network customer with an applicable antenna pointed to the correct orbital location.

On Channel 947 and 87 you have the Traditional Holidays Channel and 949 and 82 and Holiday Pop Channel.

What channel is Christmas music on DISH Network?

If you’re a DishNetwork subscriber, you can find Traditional Holidays on channel 947 and Holiday Pop on channel 949. For those with a SiriusXM subscription, you’ll have additional Holiday music channels available soon as they begin rolling out on November 13th.

What are the music stations on Dish?

DISH Music Channels

  • 923 – DISH Music: Hitline.
  • 924 – DISH Music: Hot FM.
  • 925 – DISH Music: Expressions.
  • 926 – DISH Music: Love Songs.
  • 927 – DISH Music: City Lights.
  • 928 – DISH Music: Moodscapes.
  • 929 – DISH Music: Gumbo.
  • 930 – DISH Music: Piano & Guitar.

What channel are the music channels on DISH Network?

DISH Music Channels

Channel #Channel NamePackages Available
6016The Blend (SXM16)America’s Everything Pack America’s Top 120 America’s Top 120 Plus America’s Top 200 America’s Top 250
6019Elvis Radio (SXM19)

59 more rows