Does Freesat Work With An Aerial?

To receive Freesat channels, you need a dish.

However, the TV will still pick up regular terrestrial (ie BBC1 – Ch 5) and all the Freeview, through a normal aerial.

you can then access the additional Freesat channels at a later stage, once you get the dish.

Can I use my satellite dish as a TV aerial?

Freeview is a terrestrial TV service that is received via a TV aerial and is not compatible with a satellite dish. You will however usually be able to receive Free TV via a satellite dish.

Does Freesat need an aerial?

FREESAT : Do I need a satellite dish or an aerial connection to connect my unit? If your set top box or recorder is a Freeview receiver, you will require a roof top aerial. You will need to connect the aerial wall socket with an RF cable to the socket labelled RF IN on the back.

How do I connect my freesat box to my TV?



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Does Freesat have the same channels as Freeview?

Compare Freesat and Freeview. We’re both free TV services, but Freesat is different because we’re broadcast via satellite. We have lots of top TV and Radio channels, including many of the Freeview favourites and 17 HD channels. We also have brilliant catch up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, and Demand 5.