Question: Does Roku Have Audience Network?

Selecting the Roku Audience Network option indicates that you would like to engage in a Revenue Share model with Roku.

However, as described in the Ads Models overview, admission into the Revenue Share model is not guaranteed under any circumstances.

Who carries the audience network?


How do I get the audience network?

Find the latest episodes and TV series at or flip to Channel 239 on DIRECTV and Channel 1114 on U-verse TV. Every night is movie night with AT&T’s Audience Network. From Hollywood classics to award-winning films, there’s always something to watch.

How do I promote my Roku Channel?

You can use YouTube to promote your Roku channel by featuring SOME (not all) of your video updates on a corresponding YouTube channel. In the comments for each video, you simply state there’s EVEN MORE on your Roku channel (followed by the Roku Add Channel URL.)

Does Audience Network have an app?

On iOS, you can integrate the Audience Network SDK in apps that target iOS 9 and above. On Android, the latest Audience Network SDK can be integrated with apps that target API Version 15 of the Android SDK and above. Yes, the Audience Network delivers ads for publishers using Unity within their iOS and Android app.