How Can I Select My Channels On Dish TV?

How do you select favorite channels on DISH?

Favorites List

  • Press the Guide button.
  • Press the Options button.
  • Select Favorite Channels.
  • Select Favorite Settings.
  • Arrow to and select the list of your choice.
  • Select Edit Name.
  • Enter your desired name for the list.
  • Select Save.

Can you add a channel to your dish package?

How to Add Channels on Dish Network. Owning a satellite dish can increase your channel options and possibly provide coverage in areas when cable TV cannot. Dish Network also allows its customers to add additional channels to their current package via the phone, through their receiver or over the Internet.

Can you hide channels on DISH Network?

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Yes, under Locks there is a channel locks which you can select which ever channel you don’t want to see and a Hide Locks feature which can also hide PPV and Adult channels without selecting them under the Channel selection.

How do you set up channels on DISH?

Turn SAT Auto-Tune On

  1. Press and hold the TV MODE button until all mode buttons light up.
  2. Press the * button.
  3. Enter the TV channel required for viewing DISH programming. The TV mode button will light up.
  4. Press the # button.
  5. Press the SAT MODE button.