Question: How Do I Get Sirius XM On Echo Dot?

To start listening with Amazon Alexa:

  • From within the Amazon Alexa app, select Skills from the menu.
  • Search for and enable the SiriusXM Skill from the Music & Audio category.
  • Select Link Account and enter your SiriusXM streaming username and password (click here if you forgot your streaming username or password).

Does Echo DOT work with Sirius?

Just watch. Stream SiriusXM on your Alexa-enabled devices – including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot and more – and tune to channels using voice recognition (E.g.: “Alexa, play Hits1 on SiriusXM.”) Enjoy the new SiriusXM app on your Amazon Fire TV device.

Is SiriusXM free on Alexa?

Echo owners can enjoy a three-month trial of SiriusXM for free. And anyone who signs up for a new SiriusXM All Access or SiriusXM Premier subscription will get an Echo Dot for free. Current customers who upgrade from SiriusXM Select to Sirius XM All Access will also receive an Echo Dot for free.

Can I play radio stations on Alexa?

Specific Stations

You may be able to ask Alexa to play it directly, either through Amazon or a supported third-party audio service like iHeart Radio or TuneIn. Just say “Alexa, play [name of station].” You can ask for a station by the frequency on the dial or the call letters.

What is Sirius Echo dot?

Subscribe to SiriusXM and get a free Echo Dot

The upfront charge for six months is $50, which is also the retail cost for a new Dot. The Sirius All Access package lets you listen to content online, on mobile devices, and in your car. All Access includes more than 175 channels and all available streaming content.