Quick Answer: How Do I Know My Dish TV Next Recharge Date?

How do I know my dish TV recharge date?

Just give a Missed Call to 1800-274-9000 from your Registered Mobile no. to know your DISHTV account information- current account balance, payment confirmation and next recharge date.

What is the monthly recharge of Dish TV?

Dish TV Packages Price List – Dish TV Channel Plans

Dish Tv PackagesDish TV Packages Price Monthly (Rs.)Dish TV Packages Price Quarterly (Rs.)
Dish TV Plan – Swagat (North)177531
Dish TV Plan – Swagat HD (North)194582
Dish TV Plan – Super Family (North)253760
Dish TV Plan – Super Family HD (North)270811

18 more rows

Can I recharge Dish TV after switch off date?

If you don’t recharge your Dish TV Connection till its Switch Off Date, your account will get Suspended or Deactivated automatically. Once it get Deactivated, Recharge your connection with a minimum amount of Rs. 250 to activate it again and continue enjoy the service.

How do I know my Dish TV number?

DishTV brings the power of information right on your mobile phone, with just a missed call from your registered mobile number. Activate a channel 1800-568-XXXX Replace XXXX with channel number.

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What happens if I dont recharge dish?

If you don’t recharge, when your account balance will reach to nill, you will simply not get the privilege to watch any channel on your DTH. As soon as you again recharge your DTH, you will able to enjoy. Usually they charge 10 to 20 rupees if you don’t recharge within the due date.

How do I refresh my Dish TV?

How to refresh my Dish tv online

  1. 102 viewing card (vC) Deactivated. refresh your dish tv online very easy without sms. if recharged your Dish tv then can’t get chanels you can use refresh.
  2. 3 Type Your card number And press Enter button.
  3. 4 select Other Queries.
  4. 5 click my Dish Tv no working.
  5. 6 click on 102 VC deactivate. 7 click on YES. 8 agane click YES.

How can I get extra 3 days on Dish?

3 Days extra to recharge 1800-274-9050 Enjoy 3 extra days of TV viewing. Charges for 3 days and a service charge of 10 will be adjusted in your next recharge. Account information 87503-87503 Get a message with your account related information like balance, switch-off date & recharge amount etc.

How can I check my dish TV balance?

To Check Dish TV account balance, send account balance query to 57575 or 09250078787 from your registered contact number. You will then get a call back from Dish TV customer care to let you know your account balance.

How can I activate Dish TV after recharge?

Get DishTV recharge picked from your doorstep. Just SMS <DISHTV HOME PICK> to <57575> from your Registered Mobile Number and avail this service. The minimum recharge amount required to avail this service is Rs. 1500/-.

How do I activate my Dish TV channel?

How To Add Channel on Dish TV by SMS? To request the chosen channels to be added in your existing pack, SMS: DISHTV GET <Channel No.> to 57575 from your registered mobile number. Alternatively, you can call the Customer Care Department on 888-686-2388 to activate the channels of your choice.

How do I change my phone number on Dish TV?

Call Dish tv customer care and ask them to change your primary no and if deny provide them FIR copy.

Follow the steps below.

  • Call to the Dish TV customer care number.
  • tell them to change your old mobile number with new mobile number.
  • Give them your new number.
  • That’s it.

What happens if Tata Sky is not recharged?

If you don’t recharge you have pay activation fees, to get it activated first then go for whatever package you want, better call TS’s customer care.

What happens if I don’t recharge Airtel prepaid?

If you don’t recharge your Vodafone or Airtel number with any of the minimum recharge plans, your outgoing calls will be blocked after 30 days. As most of the customers use a Reliance Jio SIM with any of their existing Airtel and Vodafone number just to receive calls and texts, the new move seems inevitable.

How can I remove unwanted channels in Airtel digital TV?

How to remove channels from Airtel dth- ONLINE PORTAL

  1. Visit the Official Airtel Website.
  2. Log in using your registered Airtel number.
  3. Go to the “Manage Account” option.
  4. Select “Top-up” option from right corner.
  5. Choose the channel you want to add or remove.

How do I reboot my Dish TV?

Reset your DISH receiver

Unplug the power cord of your DISH receiver (typically has a red tag) from the electrical outlet for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. If you have a Hopper & Joey system, unplug the power cord of the Hopper (the main, large receiver). The reset process may take up to 5 minutes to complete.

How can I manage my Dish TV package?

There are four ways to change Dish TV pack. You can change your Dish TV pack on the official Dish TV website, send an email at customercare@dishtv.in, send an SMS CALL ME to 57575 or call the toll free number for Dish TV 1800-2583747.

How do I choose my Dish TV package?

Click on ‘dish tv combo’ if you wish to select a package as dish tv arranged or click on ‘mera apna pack’ to select channel manually as your choice. 6. Now you will see the packages or channels. Select the package or channels of choice and click on cart.

Who is Dish TV owner?

Zee Entertainment Enterprises

How can I recharge my dish for 6 months?

Steps to be followed to avail Dish TV recharge 6 Month plan are; the customer needs to enter their Dish TV mobile number, select postpaid/prepaid option, choose ‘Dish TV’ from the operator column and the circle to which the user belongs. The consumer needs opt for a specific 6 Month plan or put in the recharge amount.

What is the 10 digit receiver number Dish Network?

16-digit account number (which can be found on your sales confirmation email or monthly DISH bill received by mail) 10-digit receiver number (which can be found on the System Info screen on your DISH receiver by pressing the menu button twice on your DISH remote control)