How Do I Live Stream DStv?

Is DStv Live streaming free?


The introduction of DStv Now, a free app for all subscribers, can help you watch several TV channels such as Channel O, M-Net, Mzansi Magic, and SuperSport live anywhere.

It also grants every subscriber access to over 95+ audio channels..

How can I open DStv channels without paying?

How to watch DStv channels for free :Go to on Sign Up.Fill in your details.Click Create An Account.Provide your ID, smartcard or customer number. If you’re not subscribed to DStv, scroll to the bottom and choose Skip.Apr 23, 2020

How do I connect my DStv Now app?

How to install the new DStv Now app for your smart TVConnect your smart TV to the internet using ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.Go to the App Store on your TV, search for “DStv Now”, and install the app.Once installed, the app will display a code on your TV screen.On a laptop/desktop, go to and sign in.More items…•Aug 18, 2020

What exactly is live streaming?

What is live streaming? Live streaming technology lets you watch, create and share videos in real time, a bit like live TV. All you need to be able to live stream is an internet enabled device, like a smart phone or tablet, and a platform (such as a website or app) to live stream from.

Can I watch DStv on my phone without a decoder?

DStv has launched a standalone streaming service where customers can subscribe and watch all channels via the DStv app, without a decoder or satellite connection.

How does the DStv Now app work?

DStv Now is the online version of DStv. It makes it possible for any DStv customer to watch the same channels and shows they watch on their decoder at home, but on a device like a phone or a laptop.

Can DStv work without a dish?

The company that runs DStv, has announced three new products, a DStv package that requires no satellite dish or decoder, a new 4K Explora decoder and a new set-top streaming box.

What happened to DStv now?

MultiChoice has indeed “moved” and “removed” DStv’s Catch Up from its streaming app and online website but has not removed any of the actual content. It’s the second naming convention change to its streaming service after MultiChoice removed the “Now” from its “DStv Now” streaming service.

How do I use someone else’s DStv?

Go online to and create an account (should you not have one) by choosing a username and password. Once the account has been created, download the dstv now app and log in using the details when creating your account. The DStv Now app can be installed on any smart device and connect to 4 devices.

How do I use DStv on my phone?

How to Watch Big Brother Naija (#BBNaija) free Online and on MobileVisit on your browser or open the DSTV Now App on your Android or iOS devices.Login with your DSTV Connect ID.Click or Tap on Live TV on the DSTV Now Menu.Scroll down to Big Brother Naija 2: Live Broadcast.More items…•Jan 30, 2018

How much is DStv now per month?

New DStv package prices The monthly subscription cost of DStv Access is R110. The most popular DStv package on the market – DStv Family will be R279 a month. Currently, DStv Family channels list has 93 options to choose from.

How do I get DStv?

Enjoy the best live TV and Catch Up content anywhere, anytime, on your favourite device. DStv is available online at or by downloading the DStv app for your mobile device from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Please note that data costs apply if you are using the app on your mobile network.

How much does live streaming cost? offers monthly plans for customers who frequently stream videos; they range from $42 to $800 a month with varying features. offers monthly plans ranging from $99 to $999 a month, as well as a 30-day free trial.

How can I stream live for free?

5 free tools to live stream your eventFacebook Live.Instagram Live.Periscope.YouNow.YouTube Live.Apr 8, 2020

How can I watch SuperSport for free?

How can I stream Supersport for free? You can stream live sports using the DSTv Now app. It is free to download on Google Play Store or App Store. It works on many devices like a mobile phone, tablet and even on your laptop.

How can I stream DStv for free?

How to sign up for DStv Now free service:Go to and click on Sign Up.Fill in your details and click Create An Account.Provide your ID, smartcard or customer number.If you’re not subscribed to DStv, scroll to the bottom and choose Skip.Name your profile and set your profile pic.Start watching.

How do I watch live streaming?

Live video streamed to Livestream is viewable on most iOS and Android mobile browsers. Open the browser on your mobile device. You can either type in and use the search tool to find an event you are looking for or type in the full URL of the event you are looking for if you know it.

Can you hack DStv?

You cannot hack your DSTv account, any attempt to would be tantamount to fraud and you could spend more time in jail for that than if you had committed a murder.

How much is DStv now?

DSTV Installation Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 18,600 Naira. This includes cost of decoder, dish, dish kit (installation kit), remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.

What are the free channels on DStv?

The free channels are DStv, People’s Weather, SuperSport Play, PBS Kids, Mindset PoP, Channel O, TBN, BBC World News, CNN, Sky News, eNCA, SABC News, Newzroom Afrika, Al Jazeera, Euronews Now and Africanews.

Can I watch SuperSport without DStv?

If you want to watch motorsport, cricket, rugby, or other sports which are included in SuperSport but not in Showmax Pro, you will need to sign up for DStv Premium. … We compared the price of international live sports streaming services available in South Africa with that of Showmax Pro below.