Quick Answer: How Do I Remove Unwanted Channels From Dish?

Go to ‘Menu > Settings > Edit Channels’.

Enter 0000 when asked for the Password.

Highlight ‘Edit Channel List’ and press OK.

Scroll to a channel that you want to delete and press OK to tick the channel.

How do you remove a channel from Dish?

Here are the ways you can follow to deactivate the added channels on your Dish TV account: Log in to your Dish TV account on their website and go to the add-on-packs section. Expand the channel pack to deselect the channel you wish to deactivate and submit the request.

How do I delete channels?

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How can I remove unwanted channels in Airtel digital TV?

How to remove channels from Airtel dth- ONLINE PORTAL

  • Visit the Official Airtel Website.
  • Log in using your registered Airtel number.
  • Go to the “Manage Account” option.
  • Select “Top-up” option from right corner.
  • Choose the channel you want to add or remove.

How do I delete channels on DSTV?

Scroll up or down to the channel that you want to delete. Press the White Option button (called App on some remotes). Select Delete and press OK. Select Yes and press OK.