How Do I Use My Old Satellite Dish As An Antenna?

Then disconnect the satellite cables from the LNB by unscrewing the cable terminals and pulling the cables through the dish’s arm.

Clip the amplified outdoor satellite dish clip-on TV antenna onto the top of the dish’s rim and then connect the cables you removed from the LNB to the connections on the clip-on antenna.

What can I do with an old DirecTV dish?

Recycle Through DirecTV

If you throw out the dish or send it off to a recycling center, you are liable for the cost of the dish. Always call on the status of your account first. If you own the dish, contact DirecTV or your provider about its recycling program. The company may take back the dish for repurposing.

How do I turn my satellite dish into an antenna?

Mount OTA Antenna on Satellite Dish

  • Step 1: Determine TV Tower Range and Purchase OTA Antenna.
  • Step 2: Remove Cap from Arm of Satellite Dish to Expose Coax Cable.
  • Step 3: Remove Dish from Mount Pole.
  • Step 4: Attach Coax Cable to Antenna.
  • Step 5: Mount HDTV Antenna to Satellite Dish Pole.

What can I do with an old dish antenna?



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Do I have to return directv satellite dish?

Fortunately, you don’t have to return your satellite dish, so don’t try to fit that in the box. DirecTV has some useful links for recycling it though!

How do I get rid of my old satellite dish?

To remove the dish correctly, first loosen the bolts and nuts holding the dish to the mounting bracket and gently lift it off to remove the dish separately from the mount.