Quick Answer: Is Comcast Now Xfinity?

As you can see, Xfinity and Comcast are different brands of the same company.

Xfinity is the TV and internet service provider for consumers, while Comcast is the company that owns Xfinity (and other brands, like NBCUniversal).19 Feb 2018

Why did Comcast change to Xfinity?

Comcast, the biggest cable provider in the United States, is changing its name. According to the company’s blog, Xfinity will now replace Comcast as the company’s new product name in an attempt to show customers that it’s not the “same old company,” but rather an innovator.10 Feb 2010

What kind of cable does xfinity use?

There are many different types of coaxial cables. In hooking up a Comcast cable box, the Comcast manual specifies that you need a 75 ohm coaxial cable with F-type connectors.

What was Comcast before Comcast?

“How did Comcast start”

Before it became the omnipresent and generally detested conglomerate it is today, Comcast was called American Cable Systems (note the foreshadowing), and had only 1,200 subscribers.20 Mar 2015

How does Comcast Xfinity work?

Here’s exactly how it works: Every month, you’re charged $45 (plus taxes) for each line. As an Xfinity Internet customer, you get up to five lines with unlimited talk and text included with your Xfinity Mobile account. Unlimited includes 20 GB of 4G LTE data at full speed.