Quick Answer: Is DD Free Dish Free Of Cost?

Whereas, viewing channels on DD Free Dish is absolutely free, as Doordarshan is not charging any monthly subscription fee from the viewers for complete bouquet of the DD Free Dish channels, making the system quite affordable.

What is the cost of DD free dish?

Price of icas settop box is ₹1250 for mpeg4 settop box. Dd free dish new channel will be added only on icas settop box.

How can I get free DD dish?

  • How to receive DD Free Dish?
  • Installation of the Receive System of DD Free Dish:
  • Tuning of old DD Free Dish STB:
  • Satellite Name:
  • LNB Configuration.
  • Transport streams of Transponder (TP) Edit:
  • After filling the above values go to ‘Search’

How many channels are on DD free dish?

Free Dish offers 80 channels, including 23 DD channels, Rajya Sabha TV and Lok Sabha TV. Doordarshan had launched DD Free Dish (earlier DD Direct+) in December 2004 with a bouquet of 33 TV channels.

Which channels are available on DD free dish?

Here is DD Free Dish MPEG-2 Updated TV Channels List

Channel .No.ChannelFrequencies
0052Maha Movie11510/V/29500
0053Zee Hindustan11510/V/29500
0054DD Bharati11510/V/29500

74 more rows