Question: Is NBN Compulsory?

Despite this, connecting to the NBN is compulsory, with existing telephone and internet connections switched off to make way for the rollout.

For those who missed the memo, the NBN is not an “opt in” technology.

Do I have to switch to the NBN?

To continue having a fixed home phone and broadband service, you’ll need to switch to phone and broadband services on the nbn network. In most cases, you have 18 months to switch, from the date when nbn co declares your area is ‘ready for service’.

Can you opt out of NBN?

HOME OWNERS no longer have to consent to government-owned NBN Co installing fibre optic connections on their property, with the company moving from its cumbersome consent system to automatic installation. Residents can still opt out of a fibre connection, an NBN Co spokeswoman confirmed.

How long do I have before I have to switch to NBN?

Once NBN has announced your area is ready for service you will generally have 18 months to move your landline phone and internet services to the new NBN network, although some service providers might have shorter timeframes.

Is NBN free to install?

A standard installation of NBN equipment is currently free of charge. Remember to ask your preferred provider if they have any other fees.

Does NBN affect Foxtel?

The installation of the external nbn™ utility box (PCD) will not affect any of your telecommunication services including Foxtel. If you have a pay TV service that uses your current cable connection, your service provider will ensure you stay connected to your pay TV service.

Does NBN replace phone line?

If you have a Fixed Wireless nbn connection, you can choose to keep your existing copper phone line. This means you can use your phone during a power failure, depending on your handset. If you don’t need a copper phone line, you can switch your phone to the nbn network.

Is there an alternative to NBN?

NBN Alternatives: Home Wireless Broadband

Several providers offer this, including Optus, Exetel and Spintel.

Do I need a landline for NBN?

No, you do not need an active phone line to get an internet service on the nbn™. Unlike ADSL, the nbn™ does not require you to have an active landline. Most ADSL customers only have a phone line so they can have an internet connection.

Is the NBN good?

NBN 50 is a massive speed boost over ADSL, and the plans tend to be excellent value. They’re also a great option for families. That’s because your NBN speed is a shared resource. If you subscribe to an NBN 50 plan, your 50Mbps is shared between every person and device in your household.

Do I have to pay to get NBN installed?

The National Broadband Network will be installed at your home free of charge. However, you will have to pay for an NBN plan to cover your monthly usage.

Does it cost to get NBN installed?

A Telstra Professional Install involves a home visit from a skilled technician (including nbn service install check) to help you connect your devices and services to the nbn network. A $240 fee for standard professional install may apply. Additional costs will apply if you have complex cabling requirements.

How much does Telstra NBN cost?

Telstra Core Internet Plan – nbn

Provider Telstra
Type No Contract Term
Current Deal Limited time offer – Get your $99 connection charge waived when you buy online
Total Price $75 per month + $216 Upfront Min. total cost $291 for first month
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2 more rows

Is the NBN connection box a modem?

Your router will take the internet connection from your NBN™ Connection Box and broadcast it around your home as a WiFi signal. However, modem routers will usually also try to act as a “modem” by default.

Is cable better than NBN?

Current cable broadband speeds can vary from 30Mbps and 100Mbps, depending on geographical location and provider. The biggest difference between cable broadband and NBN is upload speed. Customers on an NBN 100 plan will be able to upload at speeds of 40Mbps, whereas cable broadband upload speeds can be as low as 2Mbps.

Do I need an NBN connection box?

An nbn Utility Box will be installed to the outside of your premises and a Connection Box will be installed inside – drilling may be required. Your Telstra modem will need to connect to the nbn Connection Box, and your telephone will be plugged into your modem. Click here for the FTTP installation guide.