Is NCF Applicable Every Month?

The subscription has two components.

One is the Network Capacity Fee (NCF), which is like a rental.

The other is the prices of any pay channels.

The NCF will cost Rs 130 per month, which includes 100 TV channels including any FTA (Free To Air), pay channel or a bouquet(s) of pay channels.31 Jan 2019

Do we need to pay NCF every month?

Yes, user have to pay ‘Network Capacity Fee’ every time when he or she recharges their dth. It is basically the amount paid by subscribers to the distributor for distribution of TV channels subscribed by them. It does not include subscription fee for pay channel or bouquet of pay channel in any case.6 Mar 2019

Are NCF charges mandatory?

Network Connection Fee (NCF) is an amount of Rs 130+GST that you must pay to the service provider per month to keep the connection on. It is similar to minimum recharge that you must do every month on mobile to keep the connection on.27 Mar 2019

What is the applicable NCF?

What is Network Capacity Fee (NCF) In case any subscriber wants to avail only Free to Air (FTA) channel, the NCF will be Rs. 130 plus taxes. For the ease of its Subscriber, the Company is providing all the FTA channels available on its platform to its subscribers.

Is NCF compulsory?

TRAI clarified that the network capacity fee (NCF) is not mandatory for users who have more than one TV connection in a single household, and the distribution platform can provide a discount for such connections.10 Feb 2019

What are NCF charges in DTH?

NCF charge on a single connection is levied at Rs. 130 per month (excluding taxes). Dish TV has announced that multi-TV subscribers will only pay Rs. 50 as NCF charge on the second, third, and fourth connection.

What are NCF charges Airtel DTH?

According to the new tariff regime introduced by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), DTH providers are allowed to provide 100 channels under the initial slab of Rs 130 (Rs 153 including taxes). Post the 100 channels, users will be charged for every 20 channels they add.