Is Sirius Streaming Free?

The application is FREE, and streaming to your mobile device is included in the cost of your SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription.

You can also sample great SiriusXM content with a FREE Trial.

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Does SiriusXM include streaming?

With SiriusXM Streaming, you get over 200 channels including commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk and entertainment. If you already have the All Access package or a SiriusXM Streaming subscription, just click here to launch the player and log in to start listening.

How much does Sirius streaming cost?

Sirius Standard Pricing: $5 / Month

SiriusXM Select: $5 / month for 12 months for 140+ channels, then goes to $15.99 / month. Premier Streaming: This one isn’t for your car, it’s streaming to your computer or phone. It’s $5 / month for 12 months for 200+ channels, then goes to $15.99 / month.

How do I activate my XM Radio for free?

Just turn your radio on with the antenna facing skyward and tune to channel 184 on a Sirius radio or channel 1 on an XM radio. (If your radio is in your vehicle, please make sure it isn’t in the garage.) Once you’re ready, press the button below and service should be activated within 15 minutes.

How much data does SiriusXM streaming use?

Thread: How much data does streaming SiriusXM radio use?

Depends on the bitrate of the stream. At 128 kbps, you would consume 16 kB/s or 960 kB/min or 57.6 MB/h. At this rate, streaming 2 hours per day every day of the month would consume about 3.5 GB. At 64 kbps you would use half as much data.

What is SiriusXM essential streaming?

The company mostly associated with in-vehicle entertainment has launched a purely online streaming service called SiriusXM Essential. It’ll set you back $8 a month — with a three-month testing period that costs $1 — and doesn’t need a compatible car satellite radio to work.

Does SiriusXM have navigation?

SiriusXM Traffic Navigation and Other Services. In addition to amazing entertainment content, SiriusXM offers a variety of traffic and weather services on select vehicles. For details about all of our traffic and weather services, click here.

What’s the difference between Sirius and XM?

Radios labeled as Sirius radios can only receive Sirius packages. XM radios can only receive XM packages. SiriusXM radios can only receive SiriusXM packages. Click here to see which type of radio you have in your vehicle.

Can I listen to Sirius at home?

It’s easy to listen to SiriusXM on your home entertainment system. You can stream SiriusXM on a wide variety of home and custom audio systems. Listen to over 200 channels right on the devices you may already own. Streaming is included with your All Access trial or paid subscription.

Is Sirius Radio Free right now?

Your Sirius XM Radio Is Working For Free Right Now. Your new (or newish!) car might have come equipped with a Sirius XM radio, but if you’re like me you weren’t about to cough up ten bucks a month to keep it running so that button’s just been dead, taunting you. Well it works again, for free, ’til June 2015!

Can you use a Sirius subscription on more than one device?

What devices support the new app? To use the new SiriusXM Streaming app , you will need: Purchasing SiriusXM Music for Business for Multiple Locations Separate locations or multiple radios in one location will require separate subscriptions. However, you are able to put all of your subscriptions on one account.

How do I know if my car has Sirius radio?

Determining whether XM radio is installed in a vehicle is fast and easy.

  • Examine the faceplate of the radio to locate the letters “XM”.
  • Sit inside the vehicle and either crank it up or turn the key slightly to turn on the vehicle’s radio.

How long does it take for Sirius radio to update?

If you have a Sirius radio and you subscribe to the Mostly Music package, do this the first time you turn on your radio, on or after August 4: 1) Allow 3-5 minutes for your radio to update. Please do not change channels until the update is complete.