Quick Answer: Is Versailles Cancelled?

On 14 September 2016, producer Claude Chelli confirmed that Versailles had been renewed for a third season, which began filming in April 2017.

On 17 April 2018, Variety reported that the third season of Versailles would be its last.

Why was Versailles Cancelled?

Although, UK news company, The Sun and an article on the entertainment and pop culture site, Decider, claim that Versailles was canceled due to low ratings and because viewers did not like the highly sexual content of the show.

Is Versailles renewed for Season 4?

Versailles season four has not been confirmed by Canal Plus, the French channel behind the series. Versailles was originally intended to run for four seasons, however, in April, it was announced season three would be the shows last.

Is Versailles over?

Alexander Vlahos confirms Versailles will end after three series. Versailles has been cancelled, the show’s star Alexander Vlahos has confirmed. The raunchy BBC2 drama caused something of a stir when it debuted in 2016, and returned last year for a second series.

Is this the last season of Versailles?

Versailles is currently in its third and final season on Ovation. The historical drama series follows Louis XIV (George Blagden) who “resolves to regain control of his own life, his precious Versailles, and France itself.” But a rebellion is brewing in France which presents a new set of challenges no one expected.