Question: How Fast Can Sonic Actually Run?

Who is faster Sonic or Quicksilver?

Comparing Sonic in the games to Quicksilver in the Comics, Base Sonic is much faster.

Sure, Quicksilver has outrun radio waves, but Sonic has outrun Black Holes for 29 seconds straight while being heavily weakened..

Who is faster Sonic or Superman?

Both can travel so fast they can go back in time, but sonic needs time to build momentum, whereas superman can move really really fast instantly. So, Superman is faster.

Who is Sanic?

Sanic Hegehog, also known as Sanic The Hotdog, is an image of a poorly drawn cartoon of Sega’s mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. The meme is also used with broken English, similar to Dolan and Dankey Kang. He is Taels’ BFF.

Is Amy Rose fast?

Abilities. Amy does have super speed, although not as fast as Sonic or Shadow. … Amy’s primary use for attack is her Piko Piko Hammer, which she uses to inflict major damage to her enemies.

Is Sonic faster than light?

sonic is faster than light. … meaning sonic can go 7.29 times faster than light in sonic unleashed. even in the Japanese manual, it states “sonic can go anywhere at light speed.” sonic is even confirmed faster than light and the fastest video game character of all time. he can further increase his speed to 3000.

How fast does Sonic run?

186,000 miles per second186,000 miles per second Sonic may be able to run at the speed of sound, but it’s still fun to try to keep up. Do your best with these awesome Sonic games.

Who’s faster Sonic or flash?

The Flash is faster than Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog runs at the speed of sound. While the Flash can run so fast he can jump through time. … According to the 2014 Flash TV show, in the episode Trajectory, Barry Allen has a top speed of 2,532 miles per hour or Mach 3.3.

Is Mario faster than Sonic?

In the game Super Mario Bros, Mario is running at 11.2 miles per hour according to polygon, however he has a higher jump than sonic at approximately 22 meters. So sonic is faster in terms of running speed but mario has a faster jump.

Can Sonic survive his own speed?

All Sonic has is his incredible body. Because his body WOULD have to be incredibly strong and durable to achieve and survive the wear and tear of supersonic speeds – even if he’s rolling through smooth tubes and chutes half the time.

What is the fastest Sonic game?

Sonic Rush / Sonic Rush AdventureSonic Rush / Sonic Rush Adventure In addition to being the absolute fastest games in the series, they mix in a handful of extra elements, like Sonic’s snowboard.

How did Sonic die?

His health continued to worsen to the point where doctors were forced to put Sonic on life support. … Despite rigorous medical treatment and Sega’s best efforts, Sonic did not recover. The news follows several years of shaky health for the blue blur.

Who is stronger Sonic or Mario?

Even though Mario is stronger than Sonic, Sonic makes up for his lack of strength by being able to make lighting fast strikes in a single attack. Knuckles, the strongest known guy in the entire Sonic Universe, has been beaten by Sonic more than once.

Is Sonic faster than Goku?

Goku was faster than lightning as a kid and faster than light around Namek. … Sonic clocks around low mach speeds with Super around light speed, he would appear frozen compared to Goku. Archie Sonic on the other hand is faster than Goku and is the only Sonic put up a fight against him and probably win.

Did Sonic outrun a black hole?

The theorist said that Sonic could in fact not run at the speed of sound, yet he could outrun that black hole (without boosting.) … This can also mean that he can run past the speed of light at a normal speed. However, he could only do it for 35 seconds.

How fast is Godspeed?

670,616,629 mphIn CW flash series the theoretical top speed of godspeed is when he runs at 670,616,629 mph or 1,079,252,848 km/h. That’s how fast godspeed is.