Question: How Many Square Feet Does 5 Gallons Of Exterior Paint?

How many rooms will 5 gallons of paint cover?

According to our paint estimator, 5 gallons of paint can cover as much as 1,800 square feet..

How do painters calculate square footage?

Multiply the length of every room in the house by its width to determine its square footage. Multiply the width by the height of each exterior wall to find exterior square footage. Add the totals to find square footage for the entire house.

How much does it cost to paint a 4000 sq ft house exterior?

Cost estimatesExterior painting costInterior painting cost1-story 1,000 square feet: $1,000-$3,0001,000 square feet: $1,500-$3,0002-story 2,500 square feet: $3,000-$5,0002,500 square feet: $3,750-$7,5003-4-story 4,000 square feet: $4,000-$7,0004,000 square feet: $6,000-$12,0001 more row•Jun 11, 2018

What Sheen is best for exterior paint?

Satin1. Satin/eggshell: Best for siding because it’s a low-reflective finish that’s good at hiding surface imperfections. It has a slight gloss, so it stays cleaner, is more easily washed, and stands up to abrasion better than flat or matte paints.

How much paint do I need exterior house?

It takes two coats to cover a home exterior, and one gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet. You can use this paint calculator to estimate how many gallons you’ll need, but average total costs are between $360 and $840.

What is the longest lasting exterior paint?

The best exterior paint overall With a guarantee to last for a decade or longer — even in the harshest of weather conditions — Behr Premium Plus Ultra Exterior Paint and Primer in One is prized for its excellent durability.

How much exterior paint do I need for a 1000 square foot house?

How much paint do I need for exterior of house? It takes two coats to cover a home exterior, and one gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet….How much exterior paint do I need for a 1000 square foot house?Home SizeSquare Footage (Estimated)Total Cost RangeSingle story1,000-1,500$1,500-$3,500Two story1,500-2,500$3,000-$6,200Three story2,500-3,000$4,500-$10,000+Feb 14, 2020

How much exterior paint do I need for a 1500 square foot house?

How Much Paint do You Need? Picture Guide – Exterior + InteriorHouse SizeBody/WallsTotal Gallons1500 sq ft.12152500 sq ft.18223500 sq ft.25315000 sq ft.3543Jan 9, 2018

How much paint do I need for a 3000 sq ft house?

So an Average Home’s Size and Gallons of Paint Needed Painting ExteriorsSiding Paint Needed, 2 CoatsUnder Roof HomeTrim Paint Gallons2500 Sq. Ft50′ X 50’4 Gallons2750 Sq. Ft50′ X 55’4 Gallons3000 Sq. Ft50′ X 60’5 Gallons3250 Sq. Ft50′ X 65’5 Gallons9 more rows•Dec 26, 2017

Is it better to roll or spray exterior paint?

The advantages to rolling a house vs. spraying is that the paint will be applied much thicker giving overall better coverage than if it was sprayed. Also it is much easier to be precise and when a house is rolled it eliminates the risk of such things like overspray.

Do I need to prime over old exterior paint?

It’s important to prime bare exterior wood prior to painting because it seals the grain, prevents bleed-through and improves paint adhesion. It’s just as important to prime other materials, such as stucco, metal and concrete, for similar reasons.

How much does a 5 gallon bucket of exterior paint cover?

TIP: Don’t forget, each gallon covers between 250-400 square feet. Don’t forget to factor in the paint for a second coat if necessary. To estimate the amount of paint you’ll need for the trim, estimate the length of total trim. The average trim width is six inches.

How many gallons of paint do I need for 1200 square feet?

Three gallonThree gallon cans of paint cover up to 1200 square feet. This is enough to cover a large room or a couple of average-sized rooms adjoining each other.

How much paint do I need for a 10×10 room?

One gallon can of paint will cover up to 400 square feet, which is enough to cover a small room like a bathroom. Two gallon cans of paint cover up to 800 square feet, which is enough to cover an average size room. This is the most common amount needed, especially when considering second coat coverage.

What is the best way to paint the exterior of a house?

Step 1: Pressure-Wash Walls. To ensure best coverage, remove dirt and dust buildup from house using a pressure washer. … Step 2: Repair Damaged Surfaces. … Step 3: Remove Loose Paint. … Step 4: Caulk Trim. … Step 5: Prime Stains. … Step 6: Protect Doors, Windows and Lights. … Step 7: Paint Exterior. … Step 8: Paint Trim and Doors.

How many gallons of exterior paint do I need?

Behr exterior flat paint will cover 250-400 square feet per gallon, since you are changing the color, which may require a second coat I would go with the 250 square foot per gallon figure. Applying a heavy first coat may preclude a second coat. Based on that scenario you will need 4-5 gallons of paint for the project.

How much does it cost to paint a 2000 square foot house exterior?

Exterior Home Painting Costs Per Square FootTotal Paintable Area*Average Total Cost1,800$900 – $6,3002,000$1,000 – $7,0002,200$1,100 – $7,7002,500$1,250-$8,75010 more rows

How long does it take to paint a house exterior?

three to four daysAn average-size house will take an average of three to four days to paint with a team of two to three people. In this case, we’ll define “average” as a home with one to two stories and four or fewer bedrooms. A large house, such as a three-story or five-plus-bedroom home, will take five to six days.