Question: What Age Group Is Reddit For?

What is Reddit karma?

A user’s karma reflects how much a user has contributed to the Reddit community by an approximate indication of the total votes a user has earned on their submissions (“post karma”) and comments (“comment karma”).

When posts or comments get upvoted, that user gains some karma..

What percent of Reddit is female?

Percentage of U.S. adults who use Reddit as of February 2019, by genderReachMale15%Female8%Sep 2, 2020

Reddit has now surpassed Facebook as the third most popular site in the US, behind Google and YouTube, according to rankings published by Amazon subsidiary Alexa. … Users spend twice as much time on Reddit (15:09 minutes) than on Google (7:17) or YouTube (8:31).

Top SubredditsRankRedditSubscribers1/r/announcements76,186,7102/r/funny34,311,1333/r/AskReddit30,503,3174/r/gaming28,672,40296 more rows

What is Reddit com All About?

Reddit (/ˈrɛdɪt/, stylized in its logo as reddit) is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

Total global visitor traffic to 2020. Reddit is a web traffic powerhouse: in September 2020 nearly 1.5 billion visits were measured to the online forum, making it one of the most-visited websites online.

Who Uses Reddit the most?

Reddit is the most popular among users aged 25 to 29. Nearly one in four US adults in this age range uses Reddit. There are currently more than 2.2 million subreddits. Reddit boasts more than 130,000 active communities.

In 2020, Facebook continues to grow, despite the continually rising popularity of TikTok and Instagram. In fact, over 2.45 BIllion people still log on to Facebook each month in 2020. … Midway through 2020, the average reach for posts to followers on a Facebook page was down to 5.5% of their Page’s followers.

What age group does Facebook target?

Percentage of U.S. adults who use Facebook as of February 2019, by age groupShare of respondents18-2979%30-4979%50-6468%65+40%Sep 2, 2020

Who is Reddit’s target audience?

Reddit is also used by 45% of people aged 25-34, making up almost half of Reddit’s user base, though those between the ages of 30-49 accounted for about a third of the site’s users. This means you’re able to target both young adults and middle-aged adults successfully on the platform.

Where do most Redditors live?

Recent 2020 statistics from shows that the largest percentage of Reddit users according to location comes from United States with 49.91%. This is followed by United Kingdom with 7.91%, Canada with 7.49%, Australia with 3.94%, and Germany with 3.2%.

Why is Reddit so addictive?

The real reason is that Reddit is constantly new (Especially if you browse the new section). So you can always find something to read. If you get bored of the links, then there is always new comments. Furthermore, you can filter out the subreddits you aren’t interested in, so all of the content are relevant.

There’s a reason why Reddit is so popular with the nerdy slice of the world’s population. It’s an incredible source of information on pretty much every field of human knowledge. You can browse through the many subreddits in philosophy, languages, coding, molecular gastronomy or whatever makes your mind hungry.

Does Reddit steal data?

In general, Reddit does not control how third-party services collect data when they serve you their content directly via these embeds. As a result, embedded content is not covered by this privacy policy but by the policies of the service from which the content is embedded.

Can someone hack me through Reddit?

Only admins can see ips, not users or sub moderators. Technically someone could hack reddit, then go that route, but then again the same could be done on any site.

What is the average age of a Reddit user?

23.03 yearsThe average age of a Redditor is 23.03 years, median 22. The standard deviation is 6.99 years.

What age group uses Facebook the most 2020?

The breakdown of demographics by age include:51% of 13–17 year olds use Facebook.76% of 18–24 year olds use Facebook.84% of 25–30 year olds use Facebook.79% of 30–49 year olds use Facebook.68% of 50–64 year olds use Facebook.46% of 65+ year olds use Facebook.

Why is the Reddit logo black?

The premise was simple: share a completely black image on social media to acknowledge the police killings of George Floyd and other Black civilians and address systemic racism in the U.S.. Which is probably why Reddit’s icon, for now, is black.

Is Reddit worth using?

YES. Reddit is a combination of social media, news sites and message boards, creating a unique community which is driven by engaging content. It’s one of the best places to get authentic product feedback as people are looking to engage in discussion and the anonymity guarantees genuine feedback.

What is R and U in Reddit?

u/ is a username. r/ is for a subreddit.

What age group uses Reddit?

Percentage of U.S. adults who use Reddit as of February 2019, by age groupReach18-2922%30-4914%50-646%65+1%Sep 2, 2020

Is Reddit ok for 12 year olds?

definitely not for kids,” adding: “The drawback on Reddit is the same as it is for the entire Internet — there’s just no telling what people will put out there. Links, comments, and entire subreddits may expose kids to biased, offensive, or sexual content. Reddit’s best audience is a grown-up one.”

What is the average age of a Redditor?

Distribution of Reddit users in the United States as of February 2016, by age group18-2965+U.S. adults22%19%Reddit users58%1%Reddit news users56%-Feb 25, 2016

What is the average age on Facebook?

40.5 years oldIn the U.S., the average Facebook user in the U.S. was 40.5 years old, while it’s 29 years old in Lebanon. Fewer than 10 percent of U.S. users are 17 years or younger, and even fewer are 65 or older, but 65 percent are 35 or older.

Which Reddit app is best?

15 Best Reddit App of Android and iOS in 2020:BaconReader for Reddit. BeaconReader is one of the most popular and used Reddit mobile apps. … Boost for Reddit. Boost for Reddit is one of Reddit popular apps due to its customization options. … Now for Reddit. … Relay for Reddit. … Reddit Offline. … Sync for Reddit. … Viewdeo. … Apollo for Reddit.More items…•

Who has the most Reddit karma?

#1 Apostolate. The king. Apostolate claims to be a law student in New York. A redditor since January 2012, he has 1,374,900 comment karma.

Who is the most famous Redditor?

ResultsThe most famous reddit users are bots: /u/trollabot and /u/user_simulator.Both have been mentioned by more than 90,000 redditors each.Both peaked at their introduction month, and never recovered to their initial popularity.

Is Reddit safe?

Second, Reddit is a site made by and for adults, and as such, there’s an incredible amount of inappropriate content. … While there is some moderation, the sheer volume of content means that almost anything can be found, including pornography, violent material, hate speech, and suicide tips.

Is TikTok safe for kids?

Watch out for inappropriate content People of all ages use TikTok, and a lot of the videos involve lip-synching or dancing to pop hits. … For kids under age 13, there’s a version of TikTok where they can create videos but not post them, and they can view only videos deemed appropriate for children.

What does Reddit premium give you?

A Reddit Premium subscription hides all advertisements on the site, and gives you access to an exclusive subreddit called r/lounge. A Reddit Premium subscription also gives you 700 “Coins” per month, which can be gifted to other users as a reward for posting comments that you like.