Quick Answer: Is Rust Bad For Vegetable Plants?

Can you plant vegetables in rusty container?

While recycled metal cans may show a little rust over time, the iron oxide isn’t water-soluble and not available to the plants’ roots.

Unless you’ve recycled a can that once held an herbicide, a metal container won’t hurt your herbs..

Is rusty water OK for plants?

2 Answers. Rust is iron oxide, which does not harm plants in moderate amounts, because it is not water soluble unless the soil ph is very low. In fact, oxidized iron is what gives most red subsoils their color. Watering your plants with this water will not harm them at all.

Is it OK to use rusty tomato cages?

If you have some old tomato cages that have developed rust, they are safe to use. If they are still structurally stable and you don’t mind the appearance, use a wire brush to scrape off loose rust before putting them in the garden. … A healthy tomato plant will eventually block out the view of the cage.

Can rust harm plants?

Rust is a common fungal disease of many different plants in the flower garden. The bright red, orange, yellow, and brown colors of this disease often draw attention and can detract from a plant’s appearance. The disease rarely does significant damage to the health of the plant.