What Cable Do I Need For Freeview?

What cable do I need for TV aerial?

1mm Coax Cable – 100 Type Cable

By far the most common and the type and the size that most people will be familiar with, that is nearly always used for domestic TV aerial/ satellite systems is 1mm coaxial.

Can I use a Virgin cable for Freeview?

To watch Freeview you need to have an aerial installed – you won’t be able to get a TV signal through Sky or Virgin Media cabling. Check too that your aerial cable isn’t damaged by following the steps below: Unplug the cable from any outlets or ports.

Do you need an aerial for a TV with built in Freeview?

Yes. You need an aerial to receive Freeview. If your TV has been made after 2010, then there’s a good chance your TV already has Freeview built-in. If your TV has Freeview built-in, you need an aerial in good condition to pick up the Freeview signal.

How do I fix my TV aerial cable?



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Is there a difference between coaxial and satellite cable?

Coaxial cable is perfect for broadcast television and satellite signals, which carry a huge amount of information and are very sensitive to outside interference. A satellite signal cable must carry signals from 2MHz to 3,000MHz. Compare that with an audio cable which just needs to carry signals up to 2 MHz.

Can I use my old TiVo box without subscription?

Though TiVo digital video recorders require subscriptions for full functionality, TiVos can be used without a subscription. Without a subscription TiVos won’t be able to access updates to its program guides. Power on the TiVo unit.

Can I use my old Virgin TiVo box without subscription?

There is no way of getting a TiVo box to work on Virgin TV without a valid subscription. The ‘unofficial’ ways stopped when Virgin Media moved to cardless authentication for TiVo. And with the eBay TiVo boxes, unless they are selling them as non-working boxes, it’s fraud.

Can I get Freeview through cable?

No. Freeview is only available through an aerial. Cable is only for cable TV – Virgin.

Why have I lost some Freeview channels?

Some equipment will retune automatically – but if you find you are missing channels on or after this date, you’ll need to retune your Freeview TV or set-top box* to get them back. If you don’t know where you get your TV signal from, you can check your nearest transmitter by using the Freeview Checker.

How do I retune my TV with built in Freeview?

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Does a smart TV need an antenna?

No, you will not pick up any stations without an aerial. Since it is a smart TV it should have internet TV services built in. Such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, just to name some. So, you will not need an aerial, unless you want to watch live TV in your area.