Quick Answer: What Channel Is Fox Sports KC On Spectrum?

On DirecTV, Royals games air on channel 671-5/HD 671-5.

On AT&T U-verse, Royals games air on channel 750/HD 1750.

On Dish Network, Royals games air on a sports alternate channel between 440 and 455 (or Hopper 412 with varying suffix).

What channel number is Fskc?

FOX Sports Kansas City channel numbers

Video ProviderFOX Sports Kansas City HD/SDFOX Sports Kansas City Plus HD/SD
Cox (Nebraska)1047/47N/A
DirecTV671-5 or 671671-1 or 671
Dish Network418 or 440-455440-455
Google Fiber (Kansas City)205/205206/206

12 more rows

What channel is Fox Sports?

Fox Sports Florida
DirecTV654 Fox Sports Florida (SD/HD) 655 Fox Sports Florida Plus (SD) 654-1 Fox Sports Florida Plus HD
Dish Network423 (SD) 373 (HD)
Available on all Florida cable systemsConsult your local cable provider or program listings source for channel availability

17 more rows

Does spectrum have Fox Sports Midwest?

FOX Sports Midwest Plus is available to all video providers that carry FOX Sports Midwest, FOX Sports Kansas City or FOX Sports Indiana.

What channel is Fox Sports on DirecTV?

Channel 219