Question: What Channel Number Is ABC On Direct TV?

Is ABC Available on DIRECTV or DISH?

Available – Channel 396 (SD / HD)Available – Channel 7 (SD / HD)

What number of channel is ABC?

In many of the larger U.S. cities, ABC is on channel 7, but there are many ABC affiliates that are on different channels. Here is a list of the ABC affiliates and their channel numbers.

Can I get ABC on directv?

AT&T DirecTV customers no longer have access to local affiliate programming from major networks including ABC, Fox, NBC The CW and CBS due to an ongoing contract dispute with Nexstar.

What channel number is NBC on directv?

Browse the DIRECTV channel lineup

Select™ 155+
630Comcast SportsNet New England
249Comedy Central
232Cooking Channel

72 more rows

What channel is ABC on cable?

Channel Listing

NumberChannel Name
2.1ABC (WSB)

133 more rows