Quick Answer: What Channels Are In Dish America Top 120?

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Comedy Central


Discovery Channel


Fox Sports 1


What channels do I get with dish top 120?

With America’s Top 120 Plus programming from DISH, you’ll enjoy 190+ channels, including:

  • A&E.
  • Comedy Central.
  • Disney Channel.
  • ESPN.
  • ESPN2.
  • HGTV.
  • IFC.
  • Lifetime.

What is America’s Top 120+?

What is America’s Top 120: DISH America’s Top 120 comes with a mix of 190 channels that will keep the whole family happy. Essential family favorites include TNT, USA, E!, CMT, Disney Channel, ESPN, along with Local Channels and over 70 Sirius XM Music Channels.

What channels are on DISH America?

What channels are on DISH America? America’s Top 120 Plus comes with 190+ channels, including favorites like AMC, comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, History, truTV and WE tv.

What channels are in Dish America top 200?

Explore the America’s Top 200 Package

  1. Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN)CH. 9393.
  2. 4KCH. 540.
  3. CH. 9961.
  4. A&E (A&E) HDCH. 118.
  5. America’s Auction Channel (AAC)CH. 219.
  6. Alma Vision Hispanic Network (ALMA)CH. 886.
  7. Sports Alternate (ALT) HDCH. 440.
  8. Big Ten Network Alternate (ALT10) HDCH. 588.