Quick Answer: What Channels Are Included In Spectrum Packages?

Recommended package: Spectrum TV Silver

You get at least 175 channels, including all the most popular ones (minus Adult Swim), plus premium channels HBO, Cinemax, and STARZ.

What channels are included in Spectrum basic cable package?

What channels are included in basic cable? Basic cable is—well, it’s basic. You’ll get the standard broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and a few other three-letter acronyms. You also typically get some local government and public-access channels.

What packages does spectrum offer?

Spectrum Bundle Packages Summary

PackageDownload SpeedsIntroductory Price
Double Play SilverUp to 100 Mbps$109.98/mo. for 12 months*
Double Play GoldUp to 100 Mbps$129.98/mo. for 12 months*
Spectrum Internet & PhoneUp to 100 Mbps$64.98/mo. for 12 months*
Triple Play SelectUp to 100 Mbps$99.97/mo. for 12 months*

3 more rows

What are Spectrum TV packages?

Spectrum TV Packages Summary

PackageChannel CountIntroductory Price
Charter Spectrum TV™ Select125+ channels$44.99/mo. for 12 months*
Charter Spectrum TV™ Silver175+ channels$84.99/mo. for 12 months*
Charter Spectrum TV™ Gold200+ channels$104.99/mo. for 12 months*

What channels are available on Spectrum choice?

As for channels, Spectrum TV Choice includes the following:

  • All five major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and CW).
  • Any 10 cable channels from a list of around 65.
  • Public access and educational channels such as PBS and C-SPAN.
  • Digital subnets, such as MeTV and Bounce.

How much is spectrum basic cable and Internet?

All Spectrum Deals

DealsPrice MonthlyInternet Speed
Spectrum Internet — Best Internet-Only Deal$4499100 Mbps Cable
Spectrum Double Play Select$8998100 Mbps Cable
Triple Play Select – Top Internet/TV/Phone Bundle Plan$9997100 Mbps Cable
Triple Play Silver$11997100 Mbps Cable

1 more row

How much is spectrum basic cable a month?

Spectrum offers pretty straightforward pricing for its TV packages. If you go for just TV, with no bundles, you’ll pay the following prices: TV Select: $64.99 per month. TV Silver: $84.99 per month.

How much is the spectrum Silver package?

Expect to pay more per channel than with similar providers.

SpectrumSpectrum TV Silver$84.99/mo.*
Comcast XfinityDigital Premier$104.99/mo.†
DISHAmerica’s Top 250™$89.99/mo.‡

Does spectrum offer discounts for seniors?

Charter Spectrum is one of the few internet providers offering a discount to seniors. The Spectrum Internet Assist program is available to any household in which at least one person is a member of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program and is over the age of 65.

What are spectrum standard rates?

Spectrum Internet Review

PriceDownload speedDetails
$44.99/mo.200 MbpsView Plans
$64.99/mo.400 MbpsView Plans
$104.99/mo.940 MbpsView Plans

Does every TV spectrum need a cable box?

Get Spectrum TV without a cable box. Did you know that you can get all of the Charter channels you currently subscribe to without paying for another cable box? All you need is four things: Charter Internet, A Charter TV plan, a router that is worthy of streaming Netflix, and a Roku Device.

How can I watch local channels?

Here are a few ways to watch and stream local TV.

  1. Install an HD Antenna. One of the simplest ways to watch local channels without cable is to simply purchase an antenna.
  2. Watch online.
  3. Install major networks’ apps.
  4. Get Sling TV.
  5. Watch local TV on FuboTV.
  6. Install local TV stations apps.
  7. Watch on YouTube.
  8. Subscribe to YouTube TV.

Does spectrum TV have local channels?

Spectrum TV Choice includes local broadcast, government access, 50 Music Choice, plus 10 additional channels.