Quick Answer: What Channels Does Sling Have?


What channels do you get on Sling TV?

Sling TV packages and channels

First, there’s Sling Orange for $25 a month that includes about 30 channels like ESPN, CNN, Disney Channel, TNT, A&E and Lifetime.

What channels are on Sling blue?

Sling Blue offers selections including Fox, NBC, USA, Bravo, TBS, FX, Syfy and Bloomberg TV. There’s some crossover between the two services, as the Sling TV website explains in more detail. Both packages have access to the Pac-12 college sports networks, as well as Starz and Starz Encore, for an extra cost.

Does Sling have local channels?

Sling TV local channels. Unlike other live TV streaming services, which offer some form of local channels in every package, local channels are not included in Sling Orange. Sling Blue costs $25 per month comes with more than 40 channels, including AMC, CNN, FS1 and FS2, FX and FXX, NFL Network, and plenty more.

How much are premium channels on Sling TV?


PackagesPricePremium channels
Sling Orange$25/mo.HBO, SHOWTIME
Sling Blue$25/mo.HBO, SHOWTIME
Sling Orange + Sling Blue$40/mo.HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz

What is the difference between Hulu and Sling?

With a standard Hulu Plus Live TV subscription, you can stream shows to two different screens at once. With Sling, the number of simultaneous streams you get depends on which base package you select. Orange subscribers get just one, while Blue subscribers get three.

What are the sling TV packages?

Sling TV lets you ditch cable TV and still watch live channels from ESPN, CNN, Disney and more for $25 a month.

Sling calls its packages Orange and Blue, and differentiates them by channel selection and simultaneous stream limit.

  • Sling Orange: $25 per month.
  • Sling Blue: $25 per month.
  • Sling Orange + Blue: $40 per month.

Is Sling TV a good deal?

One of the best options is Sling TV. Sling TV is a service that gives you the best of live TV over the internet at just $20 a month. We pay $65 for the internet and $85 for cable TV — that means we can trim our monthly cable bill from $85 to just $20.

What is the monthly cost of Sling TV?

For three and a half years Sling TV has let you watch 20-odd live TV channels including ESPN, AMC, TNT, CNN and Disney, without subscribing to cable, for $20 a month. It now costs $5 more. The new price for people who subscribe to the Sling Orange package of channels is $25 per month.

Did sling add more channels?

E! and Paramount Network Move to Sling Blue

Previously in Sling’s “Lifestyle Extra” and “Comedy Extra” $5/month add-ons, these channels add popular shows and movies to our Sling Blue lineup, which remains at…

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What is Sling TV and how much does it cost?

How Much Does It Cost? The service starts at $20 per month. There are no contracts or set-up fees, and cancelation is easy. The $20 plan gets you the 23 channels, including ESPN, AMC, the Food Network, A&E, the History Channel, TNT, HGTV, CNN and more.

Does Roku have local channels?

Pluto TV offers live newscasts from national stations such as CBSN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and more. Many local news stations have Roku channels where you can watch live broadcasts or catch up on recorded versions. Search for your favorite news station in the Roku channel store or browse the News & Weather category.