Quick Answer: What Do You Do With Old Sky Box?

Your old Sky box will still work as a Freesat from Sky box to receive free channels on it, but you won’t be able to pause, record or watch any old recordings on the box anymore.

Alternately you can give it to friends or family who want a Freesat box, or sell it on eBay (don’t expect to get much for it).

Can I throw away my old Sky box?

You can send us old equipment to recycle. We can reuse most parts of your old products and any we can’t reuse, we’ll recycle.

Do I have to return my Sky box?

If you’ve cancelled Sky Q, then you’ll need to return your equipment within 60 days of your service ending – although sometimes we’ll ask you to return it sooner. If you’re swapping, replacing or upgrading your equipment, you’ll need to send your old equipment back.

Can I use my old Sky box to record TV?

Sky boxes can now record without a sky channel subscription, previously £120 a year just enable recording.