What Does The Hopper With Sling Do?

The Hopper With Sling lets you place-shift live TV out of the box.

Besides watching live TV remotely, you can transfer recordings from your DVR to your iPad for watching offline through the free Hopper Transfers app.

What Is A Dish Hopper with Sling?

Dish Network’s Hopper with Sling is not only a DVR that lets you skip ads with abandon, but also lets you watch your home TV on your iOS device wherever you go. Even better, you can download those shows or movies to your iPhone or iPad — perfect for those times when you don’t have an Internet connection.

How do you use the Hopper with Sling?



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DISH Hopper With Sling Demo – YouTube


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What is the difference between hopper 3 and hopper with sling?

Hopper with sling only has 3 tuners. If you have 3 TVs like we have, many times it’s capacity will rear it’s ugly head! It will change your live channel to do a recording. It will give you a few seconds to override this, but you better be looking at the TV or you will miss it.

Is Sling TV free with Dish Network?

You do not need a Dish subscription (or a satellite dish) to get Sling TV. Plans start at $30 and include around 30 live TV channels. Local channels (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC) are limited or nonexistent on Sling TV. 10 hours of cloud DVR storage are included.