Question: What Is 23 Recharge In Airtel?

The new Rs.

23 recharge option from Airtel provides local and STD voice calls at 2.5 paise per second as well as a local SMS at Re.

1 and a national SMS at Rs.


All this comes with a validity of 28 days.

Notably, the recharge pack doesn’t include any data benefits.3 Dec 2018

How can I recharge my Airtel 23 from main balance?

Currently there is no available menu to recharge Rs35 via available balance. You can only recharge Rs 23 by dialing *121*51#. Now BSNL and MTNL GSM will be the preferred network for the users after Introducing Minimum recharge by AIRTEL, VODAFONE IDEA AND TATA DOCOMO to extend sim Validity.28 Nov 2018

What is lifetime validity in Airtel prepaid?

28 days

What is the minimum recharge amount for Airtel?

Airtel Rs 23 smart recharge

If you have an Airtel connection, the minimum prepaid recharge plan starts at Rs 23. Under this plan, users get 28 days validity, and outgoing local and STD calls will be charged at 2.5 paise per second.20 Dec 2018

Is it compulsory to recharge Airtel every month?

Now Bharti Airtel is forcing its customers to compulsorily recharge every month if they want their phone number to be valid. Users must now perform a minimum recharge of at least Rs. 20 or Rs. 25 every 28 days if their SIM cards have to stay active.8 Oct 2018

How do I recharge my Airtel 23?

You can purchase the new Rs. 23 Airtel recharge directly from the or through the MyAirtel app.

Airtel Brings Rs. 23 Recharge to Extend Validity of Prepaid Accounts by 28 Days

  • The Rs.
  • The new recharge doesn’t include any voice or data benefits.
  • It is called Plan Voucher 23.

What is Airtel recharge plans?

Airtel Recharge Plans Prepaid List

Pack / PlanValidityPrice (Rs.)
Easy Recharge 26 (SMS)28 days26
ISD Pack 2428 days24
100 MB Combo 3G / 4G Data Pack1 day9
Topup – Rs. 7.47 TalktimeN.A.10

6 more rows

How can I recharge my Airtel Lifetime Validity?

Airtel has Rs 597 plan which comes with 168 days validity and there is also a Rs 998 plan with 336 days validity. Both plans come with unlimited calling and 12GB data, which gets recharged after every 28 days. The Rs 597 plan ships with 6GB data which is valid for 28 days.

What is i/c validity in Airtel?

The 28 day validity stands for outgoing calls whereas Airtel offers unlimited validity for incoming calls on the both the packs.

What is lifetime validity?

What is lifetime validity? Lifetime validity essentially means you pay a certain amount — between Rs 950 and Rs 999 at the moment — for a prepaid card and you get a mobile connection for life with free incoming calls.

Why is Airtel charging for validity?

Airtel is now charging its prepaid subscribers Rs 23 to automatically renew the validity for incoming and outgoing calls provided under ‘special recharge’ packs. Initially, it alerted the subscriber to recharge their number if the validity for outgoing and incoming calls is nearing its expiry.

How can I get free data on Airtel?

1) Free 1GB 4G Data Trick

  1. Call on 52122 from your Airtel Sim.
  2. It will automatically get disconnected.
  3. you will receive a confirmation message within 24 hours (sometimes instantly).
  4. To check your data balance you can dial *121*2#.

What is Airtel unlimited plan?

— Airtel Rs 399 unlimited pack: The second unlimited pack Airtel offers is Rs 399 unlimited pack. It offers unlimited local and STD calls, free and unlimited roaming incoming and outgoing calls, 100SMS a day and 1GB data per day. The validity is more than Rs 199 plan.