What Is Applicable NCF?

Answered Mar 27, 2019 · Author has 63 answers and 21.8k answer views.

Network Connection Fee (NCF) is an amount of Rs 130+GST that you must pay to the service provider per month to keep the connection on.

It is similar to minimum recharge that you must do every month on mobile to keep the connection on.

What are NCF charges?

The other is the prices of any pay channels. The NCF will cost Rs 130 per month, which includes 100 TV channels including any FTA (Free To Air), pay channel or a bouquet(s) of pay channels.

What is applicable NCF in Videocon d2h?

Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for the first 100 channels is Rs. 130. For every additional slab of 25 channels, Rs. 20 will be charged if number of channels is 15 or more. And, Re. Standard lock-in period is 30 days, while Sports channel lock-in period is set at 60 days. Here are all the latest Videocon D2H plans for 2019.

Is NCF compulsory?

TRAI clarified that the network capacity fee (NCF) is not mandatory for users who have more than one TV connection in a single household, and the distribution platform can provide a discount for such connections.