Quick Answer: What Is The Difference Between Freeview And Freeview Play?

For example, Humax includes Netflix on its Freeview Play boxes, whereas TVs adopting Freeview Play will offer plenty of other Smart TV services outside of the Freeview Play experience.

LG for example, has the full webOS smart TV platform alongside the Freeview Play functions.

Is Freeview play better than YouView?

Freeview Play is the standard for connected TVs, and YouView isn’t going to challenge it. However, YouView has the lead in the ISP TV set-top boxes, and is being aggressively developed by BT. Freeview Play, then, is our TV platform to watch. But YouView comes a close second.

Do you have to pay for Freeview play?

Yes. As ever, with Freeview you get the channels free to view. On top of that, Freeview Play gives you lots of catch up TV to choose from. However, you will need a broadband subscription.

Do you need broadband for Freeview play?

You’ll need a Freeview Play TV or recorder, a working TV aerial, and broadband access so you can connect to the internet. *A minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps is required to watch catch up and on demand services – this will count towards any monthly broadband data allowance.

Can you record on a Freeview play TV?

All Freeview HD Recorders have a seven day programme guide so you can choose what to record well in advance. To pause live TV all you do is press the Pause button on the Freeview HD Recorder remote control. Then press Play to start watching again.