Quick Answer: What Is The Ratings For CNN?

What is the viewership of CNN?

CNN drew 1 million viewers but was up 1%.

The Nielsen numbers are for the three months ended Sunday.

In the prized 25-54 demographic, Fox News garnered 366,000 viewers, down 19%; CNN drew 268,000, down 20%; and MSNBC garnered 228,000, down 34%.

Where does CNN rank in the ratings?

CNN beat MSNBC for 23 out of 24 hours on Sundays among 25-54 in November. Among ALL cable networks, CNN ranked #5 in total viewers in total day in November. This marks the second consecutive month that CNN is a Top 5 cable network and the 22nd straight month that CNN is a Top 10 cable network in total day.

Does CNN or Fox have more viewers?

FNC marked its 15th year as the highest-rated cable news channel in the same demographic, posting 2.8 million average total viewers in January 2017. CNN beat MSNBC, but trailed first place Fox News Channel, in total daytime viewers.

How many viewers does CNN have 2019?

“Cuomo” averaged just 1.13 million total viewers, and pulled in about 290,000 in the target news demo, adults 25-54. In total viewers for 2019, CNN was down in 22nd place, averaging just 972,000 viewers per night — only a little better than half that of MSNBC and a third of Fox’s average viewership.

What is CNN target audience?

Today In: Business. Furthermore, Nielsen estimates about 33% of CNN’s audience is viewers aged 25 to 54, the target demographic for cable news, compared with 22 of MSNBC and 21% for Fox News. More than half of Fox and MSNBC viewers are other the age of 65, which make up 39% of CNN’s audience.

What is the highest rated CNN show?

However, during its January trial run, Cuomo Prime Time tied with CNN’s highest-rated show, Anderson Cooper 360°, among television viewers in the important 25-54 age ranges.

What is the number 1 news network?

Fox & Friends marked 207 months as the No. 1 cable news program in its timeslot, with an average of 1.4 million viewers and 279,000 with the 25-54 demo for January.

What is the most watched news channel in America?

As of October 2019, Fox News was the leading cable network in the United States, with approximately 1.5 million total day viewers. Fox News also leads the ranking of the most viewed cable news networks during prime time. Competitor MSNBC ranked second, while ESPN ranked third with 909 thousand total day viewers.

What is the most watched news channel in the world?

Fox News

What type of people watch Fox News?

In the report, 72 percent of polled Republican Fox viewers rated the channel as “favorable”, while 43 percent of polled Democratic viewers and 55 percent of all polled viewers shared that opinion.

What is the best news channel?

Here are the top 10 news channels in the world.

  • BBC World News. BBC World News is the BBC’s international news and current affairs television channel.
  • Fox News.
  • CNN.
  • Sky News.
  • MSNBC.
  • Al Jazeera.
  • Euronews.
  • Al Arabiya.

Does CNN pay to be in airports?

CNN Airport airs at 58 airports in the United States. CNN pays these airports to display the channel exclusively on their monitors.

What is the most watched cable news network?

Fox News

How many viewers does CNN get a day?

2018 Ratings: CNN Is One of Cable’s 10-Most-Watched Networks Across Total Day. CNN was one of basic cable’s 10-most-watched networks for 2018, coming in at No. 7. with an average of 706,000 viewers across the 24-hour day (6 a.m. – 6 a.m.), per live-plus-same-day data from Nielsen.

How are TV ratings determined?

Rating: Ratings are essentially percentages, measuring the portion of a given group — be it households, adults 18-49 or women 25-54 — watching a given show. Share: The percentage of a given group who are watching TV at that time and are tuned into a given program.

What is CNN deep learning?

In deep learning, a convolutional neural network (CNN, or ConvNet) is a class of deep neural networks, most commonly applied to analyzing visual imagery.

Who currently owns CNN?

Turner Broadcasting system

Who is the parent company of CNN?

Turner Broadcasting System