Question: What Number Channel Is HBO?

Therefore it is important to know exactly which channel HBO is on through your cable provider.

On DirecTV, HBO is on channel 501 (East) and channel 504 (West).

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What channel number is HBO On Shaw?

HBO (Canadian TV channel)

Bell TVChannel 306 (East SD) Channel 307 (West SD) Channel 836 & 1258 (East HD) Channel 837 & 1259 (West HD)
Shaw DirectChannel 231 (East SD) Channel 236 (West SD) Channel 645 (East HD) Channel 646 (West HD)
Available on most cable systemsChannel slots vary on each operator

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How many HBO channels are there?

Depending on the service provider, HBO provides up to fifteen multiplex channels—seven 24-hour multiplex channels, all of which are simulcast in both standard definition and high definition—as well as a subscription video-on-demand service (HBO on Demand).

Where is HBO on DirecTV?

Sports programming and special events

When you have HBO on DIRECTV, you’ll get sports movies and documentaries, inside looks at major sporting events and exclusive boxing matches. Check out HBO sports and discover a different side of premium channel entertainment.