Who Is Comcast Owned By?

gizmodo.com Comcast Cable Communications, LLC Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, operates a hybrid coaxial and fiber-optic data network through which it offers cable television, internet, voice communication and home automation services primarily under the Xfinity brand.

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Who is the owner of Comcast?


Is Comcast owned by AT&T?

In 2001, Comcast announced it would acquire the assets of the largest cable television operator at the time, AT&T Broadband, for U.S.$44.5 billion. In 2002, Comcast acquired all assets of AT&T Broadband, thus making Comcast the largest cable television company in the United States with over 22 million subscribers.

What is Comcast net worth?

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Netflix’s market value increased to about $150 billion today; it is now worth more than Comcast. Comcast, the largest U.S. cable company, has been losing video subscribers as people cut the cord and move to streaming services

What theme parks does Comcast own?

Universal Parks & Resorts, also known as Universal Studios Theme Parks or solely Universal Theme Parks, is the theme park division of NBCUniversal a subsidiary of Comcast. The division, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, operates Universal theme parks and resort properties around the world.