Quick Answer: Who Owns KDKA?


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania United States
OwnerCBS Television Stations (a subsidiary of ViacomCBS)
LicenseeCBS Broadcasting Inc.
First air dateJanuary 11, 1949
Call sign meaningderived from former sister station KDKA radio

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Is David Highfield from KDKA married?

Gary Kline + David Highfield

David is a Reporter for KDKA-TV and co-hosts “Your Pittsburgh” with Susan Koeppen. The couple was married at The National Aviary on Pittsburgh’s North Side in October 2015 after being together for 10 years. David serves on the board of the PERSAD Center.

How old is KDKA?

11, 1949, a one-hour program launched Pittsburgh’s first television station, WDTV. That station was part of the DuMont Television Network. It eventually became known as KDKA, and Friday marks our 70th anniversary on the air.

Who invented KDKA?

Frank Conrad

Does CBS own Westinghouse?

The company acquired the CBS television network in 1995, and was renamed CBS Corporation before being acquired by Viacom in 1999. As of August 2019, the Westinghouse brand is managed by the Westinghouse Licensing Corporation, a subsidiary of ViacomCBS that became the legal successor to Viacom.

Why did Jeff Versyla get fired from KDKA?

KDKA told fired meteorologist they were ‘going in another direction’ Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla, a longtime staple of KDKA-TV, was let go from the station because they would be “going in another direction,” he recalled.

What does the KDKA stand for?

KDKA (AM) KDKA has described itself as the “Pioneer Broadcasting Station of the World”, and traces its beginning, initially using the temporarily assigned “special amateur” call sign of 8ZZ, to its broadcast of the 1920 Harding-Cox presidential election results on the evening of November 2, 1920.

Why do American TV stations start with K?

The United States was given the letters W, K, N, and A. The letters ‘N’ and ‘A’ were given to military stations, but ‘K’ and ‘W’ were assigned out for commercial use. Radio stations east of the Mississippi River had to start their stations with ‘W’, and stations west of the Mississippi with ‘K’.

Why does KDKA start with AK?

Even in those early days, most stations in the American West were given a name starting with K while those in the East were assigned W call letters. That’s how KDKA, “The Voice of Pittsburgh,” wound up with the call letters it did.

What was the first radio station in the United States?


What was the first radio station in the world?


What is the oldest structure in Western Pennsylvania?

The Burke Building is also known as the Meyer Building. In addition to being the oldest commercial structure, it is second only to the Fort Pitt Blockhouse, built in 1764, is the oldest.

What did the KDKA broadcast?

On November 2, 1920, station KDKA made the nation’s first commercial broadcast (a term coined by Conrad himself). They chose that date because it was election day, and the power of radio was proven when people could hear the results of the Harding-Cox presidential race before they read about it in the newspaper.