Question: Will An Adsl2+ Router Work With Fibre?

Most Broadband Routers are not compatible with the technology used with Fibre Broadband.

If you currently have an ADSL router with a built in ADSL modem, this will NOT work with the FTTC.

Can I use my ADSL router for Fibre?

Unlike ADSL which has a telephone cable plugged into the router your WAN Router will be plugged into the ONT using a normal Ethernet cable. other routers, such as the one in our picture can be used for both ADSL and Fibre Connections and may convert one of the normal Ethernet ports on the router into a WAN port.

What routers work with Fibre?

Best Fibre Routers

  • D-Link EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router – 4K Streaming.
  • Google WiFi system, 3-Pack – For The Busy Bees.
  • Synology RT2600ac – The Best of Both Worlds.
  • TP-Link Archer C5400 v2 – High-End Yet Affordable.
  • Asus Dual-Band WiFi Mesh Router (AC1750) Best Budget Router #1 #1.

Can I use my own router with Vodafone Fibre?

Can I use my own router on the Vodafone Broadband network? Yes. You can use a third party router on Vodafone’s broadband network, but this needs to be a router which has been approved by Openreach. However, Vodafone is unable to offer support for any third party routers.

Can ADSL Router be used for VDSL?

The router will only work if it supports VDSL or if the line is still in ADSL mode. They are different technologies. It is true that adsl2+ can go up to 20mbit, but it can’t with a line in VDSL mode unless the ADSL modem supports it. On the flip side, VDSL modems support VDSL and ADSL.