Will Roku Work With Amazon Prime?

Roku: You can watch Prime Instant Video on Roku, the popular set-top box that connects to your TV.

Roku boxes don’t come pre-loaded with the Amazon Instant Video app (Roku calls these apps “channels”), so to begin you’ll need to install it from the Channel Store.

Amazon Prime Instant Video on a Roku connected to a TV.

How do I get Amazon Prime on my Roku?

Add Amazon Prime Video to Roku

  • Turn on everything so you’re at the Roku home screen.
  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote.
  • Select Streaming Channels from the left menu to open the Channel Store.
  • Scroll or search for Amazon Prime Video.
  • Select Add Channel from within the Amazon Prime Video page.

Does Roku work anywhere in the world?

Roku players aren’t sold or supported in that country, but your Roku player should work. While many channels have geo-location restrictions, you can count on Netflix and YouTube working just about everywhere.

What countries does Roku work in?

If you would like your country to be included, you can request this to Roku directly. You can contact them here.

Roku – Supported Countries

  1. United States.
  2. Argentina.
  3. Canada.
  4. Chile.
  5. Colombia.
  6. El Salvador.
  7. Guatemala.
  8. Honduras.

Does TCL TV have Amazon Prime?

First and foremost, most smart TVs — TVs with a built-in ability to display streaming services — support Amazon Prime. Brands like Samsung, LG, TCL, Toshiba, Sony, and more include Amazon Prime Video.